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Our company has experience in the auto detailing industry. We work tireless to provide top-of-the-line detailing supplies for our customers. Choko Clean Inc is bringing you the best line of car care products to regular consumer and to the professional. Our team has tested all the products to ensure a quality satisfaction experience. We don't just have customers; we have a family that we love to help, achieve their goals with top-of-the-line products.

Back in 2016 this is how we started and the evolution

The Choko Clean company was stablish in 2016, by Jose Chavez. We started as mobile detailer on the side, to collect extra income to buy a semi truck. Jose was working as a truck driver at the time. As an auto detailer, my clients started asking about the products I was using to detail their vehicles. They wanted to know if they can use them  and where to find them.  We started selling some products, of the ones I was using to some clients, after a while the products manufacture give us the opportunity to start selling their care care products. That is how we started looking for a place to open our fist location. We decide the Hanford Ca was the perfect place and in 2018 we open our fist shop.

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