Ceramic Coating Features

ceramic coating

Ceramic features not only protects also adds a depth and clarity to your vehicle paint giving it a like new look and shine. 

REPELS DIRT, WATER, STAINS & MORE Made with Nano-SiO2 technology the professional grade ceramic coating provides levels of durable protection. This protective barrier is extremely hydrophobic, protecting against harmful UV-Rays, and repelling dirt, water, & other harmful contamination. Proje 9H Ceramic seals micro scratches and pores of your vehicle’s paint, creating a hard protective barrier over the top of the surface. Micro scratches are the most common cause of paint chips. They’re usually caused when the vehicle is driven over rough surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Tires, wheels, and other vehicle components can also cause these scratches. If the micro scratches are severe enough, the paint can chip and peel away. 


The protective and hydrophobic barrier makes ongoing maintenance and washing your vehicle a breeze! With 9H Ceramic Coat protection, you can cut your washing time in half. Saving time, water, and energy


For optimal results, a multi stage paint correction and decontamination is highly recommended for professional use or a well experienced DIYer ONLY.

Ceramic Coating Description

Premium Car Care’s 9h Ceramic Coating offers the most advanced protective coating available in the car care industry. Our Specific formula is easy to apply and is guaranteed to protect your vehicle for up to 5 years. The color enhancing coating is safe to use on your vehicle’s exterior surfaces like paint, metal, exhaust, glass, and various alloy wheels. 9H ceramic for auto will last up to 5 years when maintained properly. Nano-SiO2 Ceramic Coating bonds to your vehicle’s surface and cures in as little as 24 hours. Give your vehicle a hydrophobic protective barrier to guard from dirt, dust, road grime, harmful UV rays, water spots, and much more. The 9H coating not only protects but also enhances your vehicle’s shine to a like new finish.

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