Ceramic Waterless Wash Quick Detailer


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  • UNBEATABLE SHINE: Our Quick Detail Ceramic Spray Wash packs all the cleaning effectiveness of a soap, rinse, and wax sealant into one easy bottle. Just spray on and buff with a microfiber towel for a protective coat with a mirror shine in minutes.
  • SAFE FOR ALL USES: Perfect for any surface of your car, motorcycle, truck, or RV. Cut through grease, pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. If you need a quick detailer you need our Ceramic Waterless Wash for a spray and wipe instant shine.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Our waterless car wash goes further than soaps and shampoos! It not only cleans, but also applies a protective ceramic seal to protect your paint from damage. It repels water and leaves a coat that stops corrosion and damage.
  • EASY EVERY TIME: If you need quick clear results for your car, motorcycles, truck, boat, or RV you have to try PROJE’. Our nano ceramic coating is pH neutral and gives you the look of intimate detailing in just a few quick steps. Get cleaner easier.
  • THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH: PROJE’ has one goal, to make maintaining your car enjoyable with products that are easy to use and effective. We’ve used years of automotive industry experience to develop cleaning supplies that get the job done right
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