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Interior Satin Finish Protectant – Strong UV Protection with an Attractive Finish

  • Strong Surfaces – Protection from the sun in even the hottest of climates
  • Finish – Your interior surfaces will shine as if new again
  • Dual-Action – Protect and shine at the same time with our dual-action finish

Interior Satin Finish Protectant is designed for dashboards, vinyl, door panels, consoles, and door moldings. One application is usually all you will need to leave your surfaces supple and protected against damaging UV rays. This interior protectant is dry to the touch, never greasy and leaves surfaces with a beautiful matte or satin finish in a matter of seconds.

Sun Damage; No More

Other than it getting in your eyes, it is easy to overlook the damage caused by the sun when you’re in your vehicle. UV rays are extremely harmful to dashboards, vinyl and moldings, causing them to crack and fade over time. This can then lead to warping, further cracks and eventually the need for replacement. This is easy to avoid though, as our Interior Satin Finish Protectant seals and finishes these surfaces, allowing for long-lasting protection from harmful rays at the same time as an attractive, natural-looking finish.

Avoid the Artificial

There are a number of interior products out there that will give your surfaces an unnatural, plastic-looking shine. With the Interior Satin Finish Protectant, the natural shine of matte and satin surfaces is preserved and augmented to the level you desire; you choose how many times you apply it, with each application increasing the amount of shine, so that you can match it up to the other parts of your interior with a minimum of fuss. Start small and then reapply – that’s the Proje’ way.

How to Use

Step 1 

Using your Blue Applicator Pad, apply a generous amount of Interior Satin Finish Protectant. You will see that the protectant isn’t runny, so you won’t need to worry about spillages.

Step 2 

Apply the applicator directly to the surface, working in a cross-hatch pattern to ensure full coverage. As you move up, down and side to side, the Finish Protectant is both cleaning and sealing your surfaces so that dirt and dust cannot penetrate beyond a superficial level and the harmful effects of UV light are banished.

Step 3 

Once you are satisfied that you’ve achieved full coverage, use your White Intensive 2-Sided Interior Towel to remove any excess. Now stand back and take a look at your surface. If you aren’t quite happy yet, just repeat these steps until you reach your desired level of shine.

Suggested Product Pairings

White Intensive 2-Sided Interior Towel

The White Intensive 2-Sided Interior Towel is specifically designed for Proje’s Intensive Processes. One side of the towel is constructed with terry weave material and the other side a soft microfiber, meaning that you can change up the amount of friction depending on the softness of your interior surface. It’s the perfect combination for light duty cleaning, wiping and protection application.

Blue Applicator Pad

The Blue Applicator Pad works great for general cleaning, applying coatings, conditioners, waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings and more. It has been specifically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and ensures that you will never introduce swirls or scratches to paintwork or interior surfaces when used correctly. Better yet, the Blue Applicator Pad is 100% machine washable.

Interior Satin Finish Protectant- Product Information

  • 16 Fl oz / 473.2ml
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 10 in


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