Redline Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit


(1) Redline wheel cleaner – Safe, Versatile and extremely Powerful

  • No scrubbing necessary – avoid any unwanted friction
  • Powerful – Guaranteed to break down all brake dust and heavy grease

Redline wheel cleaner is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that gets right in to your wheel wells to break down all the toughest build-ups of dirt, brake dust and grease or contamination caused by the breakdown of surrounding metals at high temperatures.

When the going gets tough – Redline gets going

The more powerful your vehicle, the higher the temperature your brakes will reach. The force of braking at higher speeds causes a mixture of hot iron and brake dust to be sprayed all around the interior of your rims as well as the outer bodywork. A lot of the damage can go unseen for long periods of time, but these residues are highly corrosive and, if left, can cause permanent damage to paint and bodywork. The heat and speed at which these residues are spat out by modern-day powerful brakes means that embedding takes place, rendering everyday cleaning techniques useless. Redline wheel cleaner is extremely tough on embedded debris and particles, breaking down the worst of the build-up in the toughest areas to reach – the undercarriage, the brake parts and the wheel wells. The active ingredients in the cleaner neutralize any acidic presence, allowing for a smooth wipe clean and an end to any danger of long-lasting damage.

Performance to Match Performance

High-performance vehicles these days use steel hybrid brakes, and heavy braking erodes the surface, causing huge numbers of steel shards to mix with other contaminants and embed themselves all over the wheel area of your car all the way down to the calipers. Not only is it extremely difficult to get right under the wheel to scrub and scrape the problem away, but on the superficial surface, excessive scrubbing can cause issues of its own; swirling patterns on paint or small scratches that can collect more dirt and eventually grow in to aesthetic problems. With Redline wheel cleaner, no scrubbing is necessary. Once it has finished working, the sodium in the formula turns red, signaling the time to wipe it away – no scrubbing required. This means that you can easily reach in to the most inaccessible of areas and rid your undercarriage of any growing problems without breaking a sweat.

How to Use

Step 1

Apply redline wheel cleaner to the desired area.

It is important to completely saturate the area you want to clean – redline wheel cleaner works best when a full covering has been established. To achieve the best possible results, it is important to work out of direct sunlight, and we recommend you wear gloves during the entire process.

Step 2

Once you are happy with coverage of wheel cleaner, wait a minute or so for the liquid to settle. At this stage, redline wheel cleaner will need a bit of agitation to really get to work on the toughest areas, so use our synthetic fiber Proje Wheel Woolies to create a bit of friction. Our wheel woollies are specially designed for maximum grip and are metal-free so that you can exert force on to the nastiest stains without fear of any scratching. You will see the wheel cleaner start to lather; keep going until you have thickened the lather over every part of the area you’re cleaning.

Step 3

Now it’s time to wait. As you wait, you should see the lather bubbling slightly. This is the active chemical in our cleaner neutralizing any acidic build-ups, so that they strip away without any problems. As the cleaner really starts to take effect, it will start to turn red. This is the active sodium reacting, and it shows that our product is working on your vehicle.

Step 4

After a few minutes, the whole area should have turned red. Now it’s time to rinse. Again, as you rinse, use your Proje wheel woolie to get in to the nooks and crannies, so everything is washed away and all the layers of dirt have gone. You should immediately notice a much shinier wheel, which is great, but if it’s been a while since you’ve given your wheel a proper clean, or you have been using your vehicle at high speeds, there may be some areas where you can repeat these four steps once or twice more. This time, just focus on these areas and get a really good lather going with your wheel woolie. A couple more goes and your wheel will be completely free of any debris and brake dust!

Step 5

Once everything is really clean, it’s time to dry everything so that you don’t get any water stain effects. Using a regular towel with the wrong GSM could exacerbate staining or even create minor scratching on your rims. Use our Black Mamba wheel and trim towel – it’s been designed to clean and dry tires and rims without any staining or scratching, and its color will allow for multiple uses, meaning that you don’t go through hundreds of towels a year.



(1) Fusion Tire Dressing – A Tire Shine to Compliment your Paintwork

  • Dark – emphasizes the black of your tires, making them look shiny and new
  • Natural – Our water-based solution won’t break down or rot your tires
  • Versatile – Create different levels of shine to match your tastes
  • No Sling – Our dressing is absorbed by the tire, ensuring no messy slinging

Fusion Tire Dressing is a water-based dressing infused with a specific formula to stick to your tire and not sling down the side of your car. When applied to a clean tire, this dressing will produce a great shine for multiple weeks. Fusion Tire Dressing creates a dark, uniform color while conditioning tires,
and its cream formula provides smooth, even product application while avoiding messy overspray.

More than Meets the Eye

Tires need looking after and cleaning regularly, just as you would with other parts of your vehicle. As they age, they will fray and turn slightly brown as mold is released when the tires heat up and cool down. Tire manufacturers add antiozonant to the rubber, which is a compound that stops tires cracking by surfacing at high speed. Antiozonant is extremely important for the longevity of your tires, and Fusion Tire Dressing is specifically designed as a water-based formula so as not to remove these vital antiozonants. This means that your tires will last just as long, but will have that added shine to the color of your choice when you use Fusion Tire Dressing. It is also grease-free, and completely adjustable; applying multiple coats and leaving the dressing for longer periods will produce deeper blacks, so if you prefer a slightly lighter color to match your bodywork, then remove it after a few minutes and only use 1 or 2 coats.


Avoiding the Dreaded Sling

There are a lot of silicone-based dressings on the market at the moment, but they work by sitting on top of the tire, which can cause “sling” – when the dressing flies off the tire and attaches itself to your bodywork, potentially causing damage. Fusion Tire Dressing is water-based, meaning that it is absorbed by the tire so that there is no slinging effect. To maximize the effect of Fusion Tire Dressing, ensure that the wheels have been thoroughly cleaned and dried before use, and apply an even layer for each coat. As it is absorbed so effectively, you don’t need to over-apply, but even if you accidentally put too much on, you can guarantee that Fusion Tire Dressing will stick to your wheel for the cleanest shine you can buy.

How to Use

Step 1 

Ensure that your tires are clean and dry. Apply a generous amount of Fusion Tire Dressing to your Blue Applicator Pad. One 16oz bottle should give you enough dressing for 100s of applications

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in


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